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and Car Boot Sales

Welcome to The Platt Group

The Platt group has markets and boot sales across the Midlands and the South East. markets and boot sales are located in main landmark sites with accessibility being the main objective. Some of these markets and boot sales have been run by the Platt group since the 1960’s. This has enhanced the local community spirit and created an atmosphere that is vibrant and electric. Visit a market today to experience the vast products ranging from clothing to household goods and foods. Your guaranteed a bargain so don’t miss out. Learn more about our markets and boot sales by browsing on the menu above.

Why visit a market?

  • 32% cheaper than supermarkets
    (Joe Harrison from national market traders federation)
  • The banter and experience is not to be missed
  • We all want a bargain
  • Electric atmosphere – place a smile on your face
  • Personal service
  • Variety in products
  • Great value
  • Supports local people
  • Money stays in the local economy providing employment and investing in the local towns
  • Family day out – All generations – Open to all
  • Real food, not packaged, processed food
  • Fresh local produce
  • Biggest retailers started on market stalls
  • No fear….same consumer protection
  • Accessible locations
  • Great Carbon foot print – reduced waste and packaging
  • Cut’s out the middle man…so win win prices for everyone


We’ve compiled a image gallery that showcases some of the market days that are held at The Platt Group markets


  • Just to say thank you for the 25 pound which we picked up from Pat at Wellesbourne Market on Saturday, then spent around the stalls. We had a great day – along with thousands of others who came out in the August sunshine. Julie May Warren

    Market day – 14 th October 2019
  • What a great service you provided me, I had a problem and your staff sorted it without any fuss and so professionally. Thank you. Ged Binnell, Erdington Birmingham. Market day – Saturday 13th August 2014 Ged Binnell

    Market day – 27 th August 2019
  • Thank you David for your all your help tonight ( Saturday 10th September ) and to the very kind lady who handed in my mobile phone at Wellesbourne Market, its great to know that there are still honest people in the world !! Enjoy the wine! I am very impressed by the staff at Wellesbourne. THANK YOU! Kathy Travers. Kathy

    Market day – 15 th September 2018
  • Keith Scruby from Stratford Upon Avon – Great market and Great value Sharon Jelfs from Evesham – Brilliant market, great value for money Alison Keitley – Great market, fantastic variety, guaranteed a bargain Rebecca Devaney – I have been coming to the market for many years since I was a little girl with my mum. The atmosphere is great and I always manage to buy some great bargains.

    Market day – 22 nd April 2017